The Dark Side of Book Marketing

Author Christina Waters, Inside the Flame: The Joy of Treasuring What You Already Have, writes about being an Author: “the true story. . . Think twice before you fantasize about becoming an author.  In the six months leading up to the publication of my book, Inside the Flame, and for the past five months afterwards, I have been enslaved to blog writing, Facebooking, and at least five other varieties of social media.”

InsidetheflameSocial Media Coach, Karen Kefauver, agrees: “The burden of self-promotion has fallen almost completely upon authors these days… Even bigger publishers like National Geographic and Random House have stipulations in their contracts requiring authors to create or grow social media platforms to boost audiences – and sales – for books. The book publishers used to carry this burden of arranging book tours and more.

If you are self-publishing then of course it’s even more demanding. Many authors, artists, and creative folks are not marketing gurus/ It’s a lot to ask of something making art to then go and do all the marketing themselves. Exhausting indeed.”

Like most publishers, WordsWorth depends on the author’s enthusiasm for marketing in order to have healthy sales. We offer two tiers of marketing services that can help your book make it’s way into the hands of readers – more than most publishers offer these days. Yet, never forget that you, the author, are the best salesperson for your work. People want to meet you and hear about your book directly from you. When you choose to have WordsWorth’s support, you can confidently enter the market, knowing that your efforts will be professional and targeted. Review our book marketing services here.

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