May 2017 Release

The Best of Proctor’s West: An in-depth study of eleven of Proctor’s bronzes

The Best of Proctor's West

Edited By Peter H. Hassrick
With Contributions by Karen B. McWhorter and Allison Rosenthal
Foreword by Bruce B. Eldredge
Released by Buffalo Bill Center of the West in collaboration with WordsWorth Publishing.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, is home to the most extensive collection of material related to sculptor Alexander Phimister Proctor (1860–1950). The museum’s unrivaled holdings include the artist’s papers and those of his family members, personal effects and studio paraphernalia, and original works of art. e vast archival collections are made available for research through the Center’s McCracken Research Library,and a wide selection of Proctor’s bronze, marble, and plaster sculptures, and paintings, drawings, and prints are presented within the Whitney Western Art Museum.

These rich resources informed and inspired the Alexander Phimister Proctor Project, an in-depth study of eleven of the artist’s most celebrated bronzes.

The Best of Proctor’s West: An In-depth Study of Eleven of Proctor’s Bronzes contains interpretive essays on each of the selected bronzes by Peter H. Hassrick, Director Emeritus and Senior Scholar. Allison Rosenthal, Advanced Conservation Research Fellow, discusses recent scientific examinations of Proctor’s bronzes using x-ray  florescence (XRF) spectrometry. Karen B. McWhorter, Scarlett Curator of Western American Art for the Whitney Western Art Museum, adds an introduction about the Proctor Studio Collection at the Center of the West and offers a brief biography of the artist

– – – – –

What is it like to produce a book  with 110 high quality images, each spot varnished, with detailed captions, extensive footnotes, and an index? It takes a lot of concentration and good file management. It also takes the competent hand of a project manager like Sylvia Huber, assistant to Peter H. Hassrick. She collected the images from museums and private collectors around the world, confirmed their captions, and proofed the manuscript as well as my layout. I put the pieces together, but it takes a collaboration between designer and project manager to make a project like this successful. – Renée

The Dark Side of Book Marketing

Author Christina Waters, Inside the Flame: The Joy of Treasuring What You Already Have, writes about being an Author: “the true story. . . Think twice before you fantasize about becoming an author.  In the six months leading up to the publication of my book, Inside the Flame, and for the past five months afterwards, I have been enslaved to blog writing, Facebooking, and at least five other varieties of social media.”


InsidetheflameSocial Media Coach, Karen Kefauver, agrees: “The burden of self-promotion has fallen almost completely upon authors these days… Even bigger publishers like National Geographic and Random House have stipulations in their contracts requiring authors to create or grow social media platforms to boost audiences – and sales – for books. The book publishers used to carry this burden of arranging book tours and more.

If you are self-publishing then of course it’s even more demanding. Many authors, artists, and creative folks are not marketing gurus/ It’s a lot to ask of something making art to then go and do all the marketing themselves. Exhausting indeed.”

Like most publishers, WordsWorth depends on the author’s enthusiasm for marketing in order to have healthy sales. We offer two tiers of marketing services that can help your book make it’s way into the hands of readers – more than most publishers offer these days. Yet, never forget that you, the author, are the best salesperson for your work. People want to meet you and hear about your book directly from you. When you choose to have WordsWorth’s support, you can confidently enter the market, knowing that your efforts will be professional and targeted. Review our book marketing services here.

November 2016 Release: Places and Fables


Ron Hitchcock’s wide-ranging collection of poems celebrate and questions our existence in the natural world. Forests, streams, woodlands, and the animals that dwell there fascinate him — as does human behavior. Hitchcock writes with a biologist’s wisdom, joyful humor, and a disarming delight.

In Places and Fables, biologist, naturalist, and emerging poet Ron Hitchcock leads us on a delightful journey through worlds he has explored and contemplated through his life. We meet snowy owls and flying squirrels, and discover the magic of mountain forests, northern waterways, arctic tundra, and more. Some of passages are whimsical and some are quite incisive. Each carries the power to transport us to the rich, natural world that Ron lovingly embraces and shares from multiple perspectives. I greatly enjoyed this expedition! – Charles R. Preston. Willis McDonald, IV Senior and Founding Curator, Draper Natural History Museum, Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Ron Hitchcock is scheduled for readings and book-signings in Red Lodge and Billings Montana in January 2017. Places and Fables has been nominated for the 2016 Reading the West Book Award.

May 2016 – Drawn to Yellowstone


Peter H. Hassrick, Director Emeritus & Senior Scholar at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, is the author of our summer 2016 title, Drawn to Yellowstone.

From the moment of its inception, Yellowstone National Park has inspired artists to capture its many splendors and record them for the world to see. Drawn to Yellowstone: Artists in America’s First National Park traces the artistic history of the park from its earliest explorers to the present day. This revised edition contains full-color plates and updated information on works of art.

Available through the University of Oklahoma Press and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum Selections Bookstore.

View the interview with Peter H. Hassrick on Wyoming PBS:
Wyoming PBS Documentary: Drawn To Yellowstone

We Moved

We adored our space at Stone Soup Studios in Cody, but we eventually came to see that in this mobile world, we had very few visitors to the office. Most of our authors and retailers are busy people and our correspondence is usually online or on telephone. So we bid a nostalgic adieu to our downtown office and have moved to Renée’s studio in the Southfork Valley west of Cody.

For your convenience, our new meeting space is in town at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West during off-season, and at the Chamberlin Inn in Cody during the warm months. And of course, at anytime at our new office out of town. Call Renée at (307) 250-1521.

WordsWorth at the Library

Cody: Park County Library.

WordsWorth publisher, Renée Tafoya, and editor Lynn Petit presented recent titles at the Park County Library in Cody on January 24. We made valuable new connections and re-connected with several of our authors. The authors we represented that day include Rodger McDaniel, Leslie Patten, Paul Fees, Warren Murphy, Avis Wilson, and Kristy Fleming.

Lynn Pitet and Renee Tafoya

Honoring K.T. Roes, founder of WordsWorth

K.T. Roes

K.T. Roes died at her rural Cody home, Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014.

K.T.’s professional life in Cody started as a librarian at the Park County Library, but it was not long before an interest in journalism landed her a job as a reporter at the Cody Enterprise. After the Enterprise, K.T. worked for Lee Myers on a statewide news and opinion magazine, The Wyoming News, as well as another publication, the Simmental Journal. K.T. then moved on to work at the Powell Tribune for lifelong friend Dave Bonner, as the county editor for 10 years. She continued to contribute her talents to the Tribune for many years, and was especially pleased when her work was titled “Special to the Tribune.” She then spent several years working for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center as the interim PR director, and as an honored member of the Board of Trustees.

In the 80s, K.T. founded WordsWorth Publishing, a public relations and advertising agency in Cody Wyoming. Since 2005 WordsWorth’s focus has been publishing books on regional history, memoirs, firearms, and novels by local authors.

Near the end of K.T.’s battle with cancer, she asked Renée Tafoya to take over the reins at WordsWorth. Renée, a graphic designer and professor at Northwest College, has over 30 years experience in publishing and design. Renée’s assistant in WordsWorth, Lynn Petit, is the grant, corporate and foundation relations manager at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Lynn brings years of experience in library administration and project management to Wordsworth. Both are avid readers with a passion for Western issues and history.

Our vision for the future of WordsWorth is to continue K.T.’s work in bringing an understanding of the West to the greater world. WordsWorth has over 30 titles in print with several more scheduled in 2015. Renée and Lynn are honored to continue serving the talented and imaginative authors that began with K.T. – our authors are our partners in WordsWorth Publishing.

WordsWorth Authors Recognized

For more than half a century the Wyoming State Historical Society (WSHS), an independent, non-profit organization with more than twenty-one chapters across the state, and its many members from throughout the United States and Europe, have been promoting the collection and preservation of Wyoming’s history. Since its beginnings in 1953, the Society has also served as a strong advocate for Wyoming’s historical resources.

The WSHS recognizes individuals and organizations in the field of Wyoming History with an annual awards program. 2014 winners include two WordsWorth publications:
Rodger McDaniels’ Dying for Joe McCarthy’s Sins, and Hunter Patrick’s Better Known as Boxcar Murphy

Wyoming State Historical Society