Journeys To Jerusalem: Troubling Times in a Holy Land

Daphne Grimes

The Rev. Daphne Grimes, an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Wyoming, has had a long exposure to North Africa and the Middle East, living for seven years in the 1960’s in Tunisia and Libya, and traveling widely through Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. Trips to Israel began in 1956. After a hiatus of many years during her life with her geophysicist husband in the Arab world, she returned again to the Holy Land in the early 1980’s, as she was preparing for the priesthood. The spiritual, emotional and experiential depth of her many visits, inspired her to use her journals to tell a story not often heard in the United States, in the hopes that justice for all peoples will be seen as essential for peace in the region.

Book Information

Paperback. 396 pages. 8.25 x 11 in
ISBN 978-0-9771286-9-3
Subject: History, Politics

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