Places and Fables


Places and Fables
by Ron Hitchcock

Ron Hitchcock’s wide-ranging collection of poems celebrate and questions our existence in the natural world. Forests, streams, woodlands, and the animals that dwell there fascinate him — as does human behavior. Hitchcock writes with a biologist’s wisdom, joyful humor, and a disarming delight.

“In Places and Fables, biologist, naturalist, and emerging poet Ron Hitchcock leads us on a delightful journey through worlds he has explored and contemplated through his life. We meet snowy owls and flying squirrels, and discover the magic of mountain forests, northern waterways, arctic tundra, and more. Some of passages are whimsical and some are quite incisive. Each carries the power to transport us to the rich, natural world that Ron lovingly embraces and shares from multiple perspectives. I greatly enjoyed this expedition!” Charles R. Preston. Willis McDonald, IV Senior and Founding Curator, Draper Natural History Museum, Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Book Information

  • $20 paperback
  • 148 pages, 6″ x 9″
  • Published 2016
  • ISBN13: 978-0989640558
  • Subject: Poetry, Environment, Nature

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